youBot Control System

Robust Trajectory Generator for a Virtual Robot


I built the youBot Control System for Northwestern University’s Robotics Manipulation (MECH_ENG 449) capstone assignment, and the project entails generating the trajectory for a mobile 5R robot with four mecanum wheels (the youBot) to complete the task of picking up a cube at a certain location and dropping it off at another. Through working on this assignment, I gained practical experience with robotic simulations and closed-loop controls. I also strengthened my computational ability by applying linear algebra concepts to calculate the desired motion of each component on the robot given certain initial and final conditions.

Concepts Utilized:

  • Inverse kinematics to generate a reference trajectory for the end-effector
  • Odometry to simulate realistic movements for the mecanum wheels
  • PI feedback controller to model and correct the error dynamics of the robot trajectory

  • Check out my GitHub repository for a detailed explanation of the code and the video demo