Custom Reverse Walker


Our user is a woman with bilateral above-knee amputations, a club hand, and a floating hip who is looking for a walker that accomodates her unique physique and can be modified to fit her body as she loses weight and gains taller prosthetic legs.


Lean-on-Me is a reverse walker consisting of two custom-built armrests, an adjustable seat and walker frame, and buckle straps to stabilize the user's prosthetics so she can use it to exercise without fear of falling.

My Roles:

  • Led a team of 4 to meet deadlines through RAM/Gantt charts and documented action items in meeting minutes
  • Designed the strap mechanism of the walker to secure the user and increase the safety of the device
  • Machined the telescoping frame of the walker and its sliding base using mill and lathe
  • Delivered the final prototype and report to our client
  • AutoAqua


  • Design Award from Northwestern's Segal Design Institute for creating the best prototype and design for this client

  • Check out our full report to learn more about Lean-on-Me