CowPie2Pellets Case Study

Reducing Pollution With Bioreactor Design


I wrote an environmental consulting report with my teammate as a part of Northwestern University's Projects Practicum in Environmental Engineering (CIV_ENV 395) course for CowPie2Pellets, a fictional processing facility that converts raw manure into dry pellets that can be burned for fuel. Through working on this project, I gained a thorough understanding of various environmental transport processes and how reactor theories can be applied to real-world situations.

Concepts Utilized:

  • Porous media transport to perform damage analysis of leaking contaminants in groundwater
  • Bioreactor mass balance to determine the efficiencies of different biological treatment methods in an oxidation pond
  • Plug flow reactor theory to calculate the optimal parameters for a trickling biofilm reactor from an economic standpoint

  • Check out our full report to see how we applied the theories above to make practical business recommendations