The Natural Air Purifier


Crowded or poorly ventilated indoor spaces can result in high concentrations of common household gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide (CO2), causing fatigue, impaired thinking, nausea, and headaches.


Arbor is a sustainable, easily mountable, and clog-free air purifier that enhances the indoor environment through removing particulate and gaseous contaminants, increasing humidity, and releasing negative ions.
AutoAqua CAD

My Roles:

  • Managed the team throughout this 5 months long project
  • Created all mechanical designs and CAD for Arbor
  • Facilitated my teammates' electrical design for the air filter
  • Wrote and submitted a provisional utility patent for the device
  • Presented Arbor to 2 competitions and the Murphy Seminar
  • IAEP Logo
    Mockup of moss air filter


  • 1st Place in 2020 White Space Product Development Challenge
  • 5th Place in 2020 PDMA Global Student Innovation Challenge

  • Features:

  • Trio of McCormick First-Year Students Win Design Contest (5/14/20)
  • Ideas at the Intersection: Natural Air Purifier (Spring, 2020)

  • See our full project report to learn more about Arbor